Heresy ın the Ottoman Empıre
Heresy ın the Ottoman Empıre

Heresy ın the Ottoman Empıre (B9786256994058)

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In this groundbreaking book, which challenges some of the main assumptions in Turkish historiography, Ahmet Yaşar Ocak examines the causes, context, and protagonists of heretical and irreligious movements in the early modern Ottoman Empire. The Ottoman Empire experienced numerous individual and communal rebellions and resistances to its social order and ideology throughout history. Labeled as heretics or apostates, the leaders and adherents of these movements were often punished by death. Why did these people rebel against the Ottoman social and religious order? Who participated in these movements and why?  What were the Ottoman authorities’ reactions to them? Ocak addresses these crucial questions and, with a plethora of previously unknown documents, elucidates one of the least-studied aspects of Ottoman history.

In the footsteps of M. F. Köprülü and A. Gölpınarlı, Ahmet Yaşar Ocak has published numerous works on heterodox and marginal groups in medieval and Ottoman Anatolia. This study forms a sizeable synthesis, conceived of as social history of all those groups termed either zindīqs or mulḥids by Ottoman society and officials.

Few of the men that populate this thorough and thought-provoking study survived the accusations raised against them.  Still, it is remarkable how small the death toll was when compared to the number of victims of medieval Christian suppression of heretics or of the Inquisition. Ocak has written an important book that will in many ways revise the current image of the Ottoman Empire and hopefully inspire research in the field of Ottoman Islam.

Gottfried Hagen, Archivum Ottomanicum-18 2000.


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Heresy in the Ottoman Empire

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Ahmet Yaşar Ocak

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