The Marginal Sufism in the Ottoman Empire: Qalandarism
The Marginal Sufism in the Ottoman Empire: Qalandarism

The Margınal Sufısm ın the Ottoman Empıre: Qalandarısm (B9786256994171)

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The history of Qalandarism, a movement that deeply influenced the Eastern and Near Eastern Islamic world from approximately the 11th and 12th centuries onward, is presented through the writings of Ahmet Yaşar Ocak, who challenges and removes certain biases prevalent in Turkish historiography.

Despite the extensive research conducted on Bektashism, it may initially come as a surprise that Qalandarism, a broader and more widespread movement within the entire Islamic world, has been largely neglected. One of the main reasons for this neglect might be the fact that, despite its profound and established status as a Sufi tradition, the true nature and significance of Qalandarism have yet to be fully understood. In his book, Ahmet Yaşar Ocak provides a comprehensive historical account of the origins, development, and diffusion of Qalandarism. The first section extensively covers Qalandarism during the periods of the Anatolian Seljuks and the Ottoman Empire, while the second section focuses on its doctrines, rituals, practices, and organizational aspects. The third and final section examines Qalandarism’s interactions with other orders, its public perception, and its cultural and folkloric aspects.

Ocak’s book is the culmination of extensive research and explores the historical development of the prominent mystical communities that arose within the realm of Qalandarism. This movement emerged following the Turks’ conversion to Islam and persisted until the 17th century within the Ottoman territories.  Being the only work published in this field, this work greatly contributes to the understanding of the history of the geography we live in, making it a valuable resource for the students of history.



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The Marginal Sufism in the

Ottoman Empire: Qalandarism

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Ahmet Yaşar Ocak

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