The Puppet
The Puppet

The Puppet (B9786058069732)

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Turkey fell subject to the gravest treachery in the history of the Republic. An attempt to make a ferocious coup on July 15, 2016 was carried out by this movement of betrayal, which was carefully planned for almost fifty years by foreign powers, sources of evil and their domestic collaborators; this movement of betrayal that was advanced by using all kinds of deceits and means; and this movement of betrayal that expanded step by step through abusing the trust and the virtuous intention of our people and all the Muslims.

Their true aim was to create a chaotic situation by eliminating the President of the Republic, who was directly elected by the people, the Government and the Grand Turkish National Assembly. Thus, they wanted to prepare an environment susceptible to foreign intervention and, henceforth an invasion. Turkey would have been pulled into a civil war that might have continued for many years. Accordingly, the resources of our country would have been divided amongst global arms dealers, interest lobbies, and smugglers. Our nation would have been turned into an abode for all types of mafia like illegal organizations. Our main pillar, the concept of Islam that sustains the existence of our nation, would as a result have been rendered useless. Consequently, all manners of treachery could have been justified in order to separate certain regions of our homeland.

They imagined that Turkey would give up all its claims in world politics, and would lose the majority of its population, land and its sources. Thus, it would lose its dignity and be come a semi-colonized country.

The past and the present of this activity of treachery committed by the Fethullahist Terrorist Organization is presented in detail in this book.

This book by AK Party Burdur Deputy Reşat Petek, who was the Chairman of the Parliamentary Inquiry Committee investigating the 15th of July Coup Attempt, carried out by the Fethullahist Terrorist Organization (FETÖ/PDY), will be both an interesting read and highly informative to the reader.

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Reşat Petek
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